Who We Are

InfinityLink Communications acquired the assets of Dale Media, Inc. DBA MediaCast in July of 2014. After the acquisition, InfinityLink immediately began upgrading the infrastructure to provide faster, more reliable services to more people in the community. At the time of the acquisition, the system was capable of providing speeds of 3Mbps / 1Mbps to customers. In January 2015, InfinityLink began building fiber to the home to areas of Greene, Lenoir and Pitt counties that previously did not have access to speeds greater than 3Mbps. As part of this upgrade process, InfinityLink also began upgrading fiber nodes and coax amplifiers to provide 1Gbps download speeds to areas that already had cable television access available, allowing us to reach more citizens quicker and more cost effectively. As a member of the National Cable Television Cooperative, InfinityLink has access to the best pricing available for both fiber and coax products which allows us to be very cost effective in the industry. Over the past year, InfinityLink maintained greater than a 99.9% uptime on all core services, even throughout inclement weather situations.